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Loftness Grain Baggers & Unloaders

Loftness takes great care and pride in producing quality equipment. Top grade steel welded with high-quality wire and argon gas, along with top of the line components and pride of workmanship goes into every single Loftness product. The baggers and unloaders produced by Loftness are built with quality and productivity in mind and go through rigorous testing to ensure a problem-free machine. Loftness believes in building long-lasting customer relationships and builds products for optimal customer satisfaction.

The unique, specialized design of Loftness grain bagging equipment allows for storage versatility, whether in the field where harvesting is taking place or at a grain storage site.

Model GBL10 XLB10 GBL12/GBL12C
HP-Required 50HP 85HP 120HP
PTO 540 540 1000
Primary Auger 20″ 385RPM 20″ 385RPM 20″ 540RPM
Fill Speed 500bu/minute 500bu/minute 500bu/minute
Bag Diameter 10′ 10′ 12′
Max Bag Length 300′ 500′ 500′
Wireless Remote Standard Standard Standard

Stable site-to-site transportation, fast setup, easy operation and straightforward maintenance make the Loftness unloaders an indispensable part of any grain bag storage strategy.

Model Number GBU 10 GBU 12 Standard GBU 12 Industrial
PTO 540 1,000 1,000
Horsepower Required 50 150 150
Discharge Auger 17″ / 331 RPM 20″ / 540 RPM 20″ / 540 RPM
Transfer Capacity 142bu/minute 200bu/minute 200bu/minute
Bag Diameter 9′ or 10′ Bags 12′ or 10′ Bags 12′ or 10′ Bags
Max Bag Length 300′ 500′ 500′
Hydraulic-Drive Feed Augers NA 12″ Hydraulic Augers 12″ Hydraulic Augers
Pumps NA Triple Gear Pump Variable Displacement Pressure Compensated Piston Pump